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This is the perfect product for your wireless charger or anything that needs more power.

Plus you can now use two USB’s at once so everyone stop fighting over just one.

If your car does not support 5 volt charging or doesn’t have a 2 USB adapter...

Then this is for you!

This is another product our customers were begging us for because it’s exactly what they need.

Most cars don’t support 5 volt charging so they just can’t handle the power of the wireless charger.

Life saver, right?

Here’s why you need one today:

-Charge multiple phones at once so you don’t have to share chargers

-Rapidly charge your phone so you can have a fully charged phone fast.

-Sleek design with multiple colors to choose from so you can match your cars interior.

If your car doesn’t support fast charging or you want to charge multiple phones at the same time.

Then this is a no brainer.

Get yours today.